2nd Swedish Immersion in ISTDP with Dr. Allan Abbass September 12-15, 2013

Building capacity: Theory and application of the Graded format of ISTDP

We are pleased to announce a 4 day Immersion course in Davanloo’s ISTDP in Stockholm September 12-15, 2013. As clinicians and researcher know, perhaps the majority of referred patients do not have the capacity to tolerate direct moibilization of emotions, instead developing fatigue, weakness, depression and somatic symptoms while trying to do focused dynamic psychotherapy.

To respond to this problem, Davanloo developed a Graded Format of ISTDP to first build capacity to tolerate unconscious anxiety. This enables the ISTDP treatment to be applied to a further 30-50% of referred patients compared to the standard technique of ISTDP.

This in depth videotape based Immersion will cover the following areas:

  • Overview of Davanloo’s Metapsychology of the Unconscious
  • Overview of the spectrum of suitable patients with videotape illustrations
  • Psychodiagnostic assessment to determine who needs capacity building
  • Theory of the Graded format
  • How to mobilize and reduce unconscious anxiety
  • Optimization by monitoring the unconscious signalling system
  • Partial and Major Unlocking of the Unconscious after building capacity

For more information about fee, location and registration, click here.