Dion Nowoweiski: Constructing and Reconstructing the Self using ISTDP Techniques and Principles

Danska föreningen för ISTDP anordnar evenemanget ”Constructing and reconstructing the self” med Dion Nowoweiski. Svenska medlemmar är också välkomna på evenemanget! Alla som betalat medlemsavgiften får en zoom-länk till evenemanget under dagen (14/3). Se till att ha anmält dig dagarna innan för att inte missa länken.

Mer information om evenemanget finns på FB.

Dion Nowoweiski

Om Dion:
Dion is a Clinical Psychologist from Melbourne, Australia. He trained in ISTDP under the supervision of Dr Allan Abbass and spent some time working at the Centre for Emotions and Health in Halifax, NS (2012-2013). He is an International Experiential Dynamic Association (IEDTA) certified teacher and supervisor in ISTDP and runs a Core Training program in Melbourne and onine. He has contributed to several peer-reviewed research articles on ISTDP treatment and has presented many workshops on ISTDP and has presented at conferences in Australia, Europe and North America. He works in a private practice setting where he offers individual treatment to adolescents and adults for a range of presenting issues with a focus on treating people suffering from eating disorders. He has previously worked at several public hospitals in Melbourne where he was the Senior Clinical Psychologist at Specialist Eating Disorder Services. His work in ISTDP is based on the traditions of Davanloo, but takes into account how we (therapists) are all different and need to apply the model in a way that fits with who we are. Dion has been described as a passionate and innovative practitioner and teacher of ISTDP and he strives to help people reach their true potential as both people and therapists.