Treating complex PTSD with ISTDP, a workshop with Angela Cooper

The Swedish Society for ISTDP invites you to a presentation with Angela Cooper on the topic of complex PTSD. Angela Cooper will show a trial therapy session, using ISTDP with a case of complex PTSD and severe repression. She will discuss technical aspects of the graded approach with this case alongside her personal reflections and developments as a therapist.

The learning objectives are: 

  • Learn how to use a graded approach to effectively regulate anxiety and build emotional capacity
  • Understand how to work with childhood trauma with a here and now focus
  • Learn how to build a patient’s capacity for self-care and love to enable healthy guilt and emotional integration


Dr Angela Cooper is an ISTDP therapist, supervisor and teacher.  She completed her ISTDP core training with Dr Patricia Coughlin in Stockholm, Sweden.  For the last 5 years, she has worked with and been supervised by Dr Allan Abbass at the Centre for Emotions and Health, Halifax, Canada.  In addition, she has completed 3 years of Jon Frederickson’s training of trainers and 3 years of advanced ISTDP training at the ISTDP Institute, Washington, DC.  She has published several articles related to ISTDP including the development of an ISTDP informed primary care psychotherapy service for Medically Unexplained Symptoms.  She currently runs 2 core training groups and hopes to start advanced training groups in the not-too-distant future.  Dr Cooper has recently taken on a leadership position as the inaugural Assistant Dean of Wellness at Dalhousie University, Faculty of Medicine. She aims to use her in-depth knowledge of ISTDP in order to create systemic change and address factors that influence wellness, burnout and engagement.


Participants: The workshop is open to 1) Those who are in an ISTDP or EDT Core training or supervision program, 2) Those who have previously completed an ISTDP/EDT Core training program, 3) ISTDP/EDT Trainers, 4) Colleagues of these 3 groups who will attend while physically being present in the same room.

Location: Zoom

Date: March 26rd, 2021

Time: 18.00 – 21.00 

Price: Free for members of the Swedish Society for ISTDP or 500 SEK for non-members. 

Registration: Use the following link to register EDIT: Registration closes on the 20th of March.

You can download this information as a pdf here:

Workshop with Ange Cooper and Liv Raissi in Göteborg

In June 2021, Ange Cooper and Liv Raissi welcome you to an ISTDP conference in Gothenburg on the topic of the language of the unconscious.

We are our patients. Our patients are us: Using ISTDP to help both therapist and patient to remember who they are

In this two-day conference, Liv Raissi and Ange Cooper will generously share their stories of personal and professional transformation that culminated in spring 2020. This was a special spring. Covid-19 was spreading all over the world. People were facing death and isolation all around. This challenging time laid the foundation for a time of resurrection and awakening. Through a unique connection, Ange and Liv helped each other become more aware of the identifications, character defenses and ‘dead states’ that they were both unconsciously stuck in. With each other’s help, they could start to set themselves free, and simultaneously discover how many patients were in a similar position. Patients’ stories became a part of this transformation and helped Ange and Liv to understand how to help their patients more efficiently, using the language of the unconscious. A time of personal break-ups, break downs and facing long held pain, led to a time of healing and awakening – awakening of self and the other.

Are you ready for a wholehearted and intimate conference-experience? Let us take you on a journey. Let us take you on a journey of discovery. Let us take you on a journey of how to help yourself and your patients in one go. Let us invite you to rediscover your child’s mind – a mind that was already a master in paying attention to clues all around…

We are all connected and we are all the same, fundamentally. We are our patients. Our patients are us. We welcome you to take part in this experience and maybe start a journey of discovery for yourself.

Liv and Ange will share:

  • Personal journeys of transformation and how it affected their professional work
  • Developing a mindset akin to a treasure hunt with the patient (how to follow important clues that reveal the”unconscious therapeutic alliance”)
  • Videoclips from therapeutic work demonstrating transformation with significant patients
  • ISTDP-interventions that work with both fragility and resistance to reach patients’ hearts
  • Poems, music and dance performance as part of presentation
Ange Cooper portrait
Ange Cooper

Ange Cooper ​is a clinical psychologist, assistant professor, ISTDP teacher, trainer and explorer of the many wonders of life. She hasbeen training in ISTDP since 2010 and has spent the last 5 years working and researching ISTDP with Allan Abbass at the Centre for Emotions and Health, Halifax, Canada. In addition to ISTDP, Ange will be taking her knowledge in a leadership direction as the inaugural Assistant Dean of Wellness for the Faculty of Medicine at Dalhousie University.

Liv Raissi portrait
Liv Raissi

Liv Raissi ​is a licenced psychologist, certified ISTDP therapist/teacher, dancer and yoga-lover. She is the former chairman of the Swedish associations for ISTDP and has actively contributed to the dissemination of ISTDP, through arrangements of conferences and trainings, since 2012. In addition to therapies and trainings in her own company, Liv teaches at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden.

Because of the current situation with COVID-19 there might be a risk that Ange will have to join through video-link. Let’s hope not and that we will all be able to see each other live!

Location: Hotell 11, floor 3, at Eriksberg, Maskingatan 11, 417 64 Göteborg.

Date: Thursday-Friday June 10-11, 2021

Time: Registration starts 8.30, workshop 09.00–17.00 (lunch approx. 12.00-13.00) every day

Price: 4800 SEK
4000 SEK for members of the Swedish Society for ISTDP
3800 SEK for any ISTDP core-training student
2000 SEK for full-time students (limited number of seats)

A generous lunch, fika, popcorn and ice cream every day is included in the price. After the first conference day everyone is welcome to enjoy a glass of cava at the hotell, also included in the price.

Target audience: Lic. psychologists, psychotherapists and doctors. Students studying to become psychologists or psychotherapists.

Registration: E-mail your name, profession and invoice address to Please mention if you have any special diets

Organizer: Liv Raissi and Ange Cooper

Contact: Liv Raissi,, +46706388811

Flyer in printable format:

ISTDP Fördjupningsworkshop i Göteborg 3:e och 9:e juni

Här kommer information från Liv Raissi om en ISTDP fördjupningsworkshop som äger rum i juni.

Liv Raissi erbjuder två sammanhängande workshops där vi fördjupar oss detaljerat i den teoretiska och praktiska förståelsen av terapiinterventioner. Det kommer bli undervisning kring interventioner, en hel del anpassade övningar utifrån målmedveten träning, rollspel, diskussion, videoexempel och umgänge över ett glas vin för den som vill!

liv raissi workshop
Liv Raissi föreläser 2019

Man skulle kunna säga att terapi mycket handlar om att terapeuten observerar vad patienten gör, vad terapeuten känner inför vad patienten gör mot sig själv och för sig själv, och vad terapeuten hoppas att patienten ska göra för sig själv och inte göra för sig själv. ISTDP-interventioner baseras till stor del utifrån denna princip. Ju mer man förstår bakgrunden till en intervention, desto mer genuint kan man förmedla den i egna ord och den får ökad effekt hos patienten. Patienten kommer att uppleva att man verkligen pratar till den vilket stärker alliansen och terapiprocessen kan bli smidigare. Den ökande förståelsen för innebörden i interventioner och patientens responser leder också till att man kan använda sig av sina egna fysiska och känslomässiga responser på patienten för att kunna stärka sin bedömning av patienten.

Under dessa två workshopskvällar får du lära dig att lyssna till orden som patienten säger, observera hur patienten säger det och vad du känner inför det som patienten förmedlar verbalt och icke-verbalt. Första tillfället fokuserar främst på undervisning med olika typer av tillhörande övningar och rollspel. Andra tillfället ägnas mer åt videoanalyser av terapiprocesser. Vid andra tillfället kommer det även att bjudas på vin i pausen och du är välkommen att stanna efteråt för lite mingel. Varmt välkommen med din anmälan! 

Datum: 3/6 och 9/6
Tid: kl 17:00-20:30
Pris: 1500 kr ex moms för båda kvällarna (studentpris: 750 kr ex moms) Fika och vin ingår.
Plats: Fjärde Långgatan 5, vån 1 i GCKs lokaler, Göteborg
Målgrupp: Leg psykologer, leg psykoterapeuter, läkare, psykolog- och psykoterapistudenter
Kursledare och arrangör: Liv Raissi, leg psykolog, ISTDP-terapeut/handledare
Anmälan: Maila ditt namn och faktureringsadress. 

Ladda ner flyer här om du vill ha informationen för utskrift